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We would like to assure you that these cremation diamonds are in fact created from the ashes of your loved ones.

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Cremation Diamonds are a unique way to rember the life of a special loved one.Human ashes made into diamonds is a trend that is quickly gaining lots of acceptance globally with people from all different walks of life realizing the value of memorializing their loved one.The LifeGem is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life.Below is an outline of the process that is used to create genuine cremation diamonds made from ashes.Cremation diamonds from ashes are made of 200 g (8 oz) cremation ashes or 10 g human hair (0.4 oz) by using an HPHT technology in our state-of-the-art Swiss laboratory.This hot tool also...

If you have a smaller diamond, a pin is a great way to make it really shine.

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A diamond is a prime example of an item that contains carbon because it is pure carbon and nothing else.

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Even diamonds out of pet remains, deceased historic people of the past or live people can be made.

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The carbon is extracted with temperatures as high as 5,000 degrees, and subjected to intense pressure.A company in Russia will create a red, yellow or green diamond from a whole variety of interesting substances.A cremation diamond is made from the carbon contained in the ashes and hair.Everyone knows what a diamond looks like: a clear, polished stone with smooth facets, full of flash and sparkle.In fact, your hair is approximately 91 percent protein, and is made up of long chains of amino acids.The first scientific breakthrough in man-made diamonds came in 1954 when General Electric developed a process that successfully replicated the conditions for natural diamond formation.

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Diamonds are a naturally occurring form of carbon, but synthetic forms of diamonds also exist that are made for commercial uses, for example saw blades for cutting.

The product is a bright beautiful diamond that you can cherish and carry with you anywhere.A LifeGem diamond provides comfort and support when and where you need it.Diamonds made from human hair only take an estimated five to nine months to be formed, while natural diamonds are created in a span of a billion years.Learn about how diamonds are made, from their beginnings are carbon-bearing ore to diamond mining to the polishing of rough diamonds.Watch this amazing video on how a genuine diamond can be created from a lock of hair or cremated ashes.Diamonds made from hair These Celebration Diamonds are real and absolutely unique.

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Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure called diamond cubic.They are also being made in high enough qualities to earn colorless and very very slightly included grades from diamond grading labs.Wedding and engagement rings that are made of diamonds have carbon in them.

King also points out that some nano-scale diamonds have been found inside of meteorites.

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Best Answer: AFAIK, synthetic diamonds are always worth less than a natural diamond of the same size and clarity.The results will astonish and disappoint many, while they confirm the suspicions of others.

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These chains are found within the fibers of the cortex of the hair.Even with all our technological advances and engineering tools, diamond mining still incorporates a certain level of art and science combined.

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